• Meadhanan Sòisealta Margaideachdspit

    Spigit: Ag eagrachadh innleachdas

    This video from Spigit, who announced a merge with our sponsors at Mindjet, make some key points in this video that should never be overlooked: Innovation = Ideation + Execution. Ideas by themselves aren’t innovative, they must be acted on. The most popular idea isn’t always the best idea for business results. Often, we’ve watched companies hammer down every customer…

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    CrowdSPRING: Marbhadh na Buidhne?

    You might think that it’s pretty strange for a guy that’s launching his new online agency to promote an alternative to working with an agency altogether… but that’s what I’m going to do. I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail from my designer friends for posting this. I’m okay with that. I’ll explain why… just watch the video that explains…