Luas na làraich agus Javascript Asyncronach


While I do a lot of development, I don't classify myself as a true developer. I can program and move stuff around on a page and make it work. A true developer understands how to develop the code so that it can be scaled, not take up a lot of resources, load quickly, be easily modified later and still work.

Is e an àite duilich a tha luchd-margaidh a ’cur a-steach làrach-lìn gu math luath agus fhathast a ’toirt a-steach integrations agus eileamaidean sòisealta a dh’ fhaodadh a bhith an urra ri dè cho luath sa thèid an làrach agad a luchdachadh. Is e aon eisimpleir den leithid putanan sòisealta. On Martech, we have social buttons on every single page on the site. So… if Facebook resources load slow one day, it slows down our site. Then add Twitter, Pinterest, Buffer, etc. to that and your site's chances of loading fast are reduced to virtually nothing.

That's known as synchronous loading. You have to finish loading one element mus you load the next element. If your able to load items asynchronously, you're able to load items without a dependency on one another. You can drastically improve your site's speed by loading elements asynchronously. The problem is that the out-of-the-box scripts that these companies provide you is almost never optimized to run asynchronous.

You can see what's impacting your page speed by running a test on Pingdom:
luchdadh duilleag pingdom

Javascript asyncronach a ’leigeil leat còd a sgrìobhadh a dh’ innseas eileamaidean ri luchdachadh an dèidh the page is completely loaded. No dependencies! So, your page loads and once it's complete, a script initiates that loads the other elements – in this case our social buttons. If you're a developer, you can read a great article, Leugach a ’luchdachadh Javascript asyncronach.

Here's a snippet of how to do it properly from Emil Stenström:

(gnìomh () {gnìomh async_load () {var s = document.createElement ('script'); s.type = 'text / javascript'; s.async = fìor; s.src = ' /script.js '; var x = document.getElementsByTagName (' script ') [0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore (s, x);} ma tha (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent (' onload ', async_load); eile window.addEventListener ('load', async_load, meallta);}) ();

The result is if these third party integrations are down or running slow, it never impacts your core page content from appearing. If you view the source of our page, you'll see that I'm loading all of the additional social scripts utilizing this technique. The process improved our site's speed seconds – and doesn't choke during the loading. We haven't converted all of our external dependencies to Javascript asyncronach, ach nì sinn.

Dè do bheachd?

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