Dealbhadh post-d iongantach ùr (Feumach)

Here's another email that I love to get, but usually don't do anything with! This is the Downtown Indianapolis, Post-d iongantach ùr.

Bidh mi a ’fuireach fo-sgrìobhadh oir tha mi an dòchas gun tig dealbhadh ùr a-mach - am fiosrachadh gu adhartachadh Downtown Indianapolis is all there, but the design makes the email unreadable and unusable. Here's why:

  • There's no main link in the head information to the actual website for Indy Downtown Inc. Maybe that's an oversight, but I think it really needs it.
  • The images in the header are tiny and useless – I can't even make them out. My guess is that whomever designed the email has a much smaller resolution than I do so perhaps they look bigger. They're taking up valuable space ‘above the fold'… the space that people actually urrainn faic nuair a dh ’fhosglas iad am post-d anns an neach-dèiligidh aca.
  • A ’chiad pharagraf air an taobh chlì, Facal bho IDI, is a poor title and uncompelling. Maybe folks don't even know what an IDI is?
  • The font size is tiny, unreadable, and has no paragraph breaks or bullets to allow my eyes to skim the content. As a result, I didn't read it! The image was a great call out, though!
  • The calendar events are probably the best thing about this email, but there's no call to action on the events… provide me with a link to buy tickets and get more information on each event so I can go! I'm not going to see an event here and go try to search it on Google. I don't have time for that!
  • The content is smashed and squished into thin columns unnecessarily. People are on much larger monitors now with wider resolutions… move to an 800 to 1000 pixel wide format. Since your calendar is a right sidebar, the user won't mind scrolling horizontally to reach the sidebar and then read it.
    Thoir air falbh e
    an 2
    colbhan squished
    a-steach gu 1…
    there's only
    rùm gu leòr
    airson beagan
    words and it's
    gu math duilich
    a leughadh.
  • Feumaidh co-dhiù aon ghairm uamhasach a bhith ann airson gnìomh chun phost-d. A bheil thu airson gun tadhail mi air Margaidh a ’Bhaile? Ceannaich tiogaid cuirm-chiùil? Thoir dhomh aon ghairm shònraichte gu gnìomh seach roghainn de 40. Inns dhomh barrachd mu aon rud na a h-uile càil eile a bhios gam iomain an sin.
  • Incorporate landing pages and excerpts if you're worried about room. Write a short excerpt with a link to the ‘full story' that brings me to a page with some breathing room and additional information.
  • Where are the pictures of people? Not having smiling photos of people in this email makes me feel like I'm reading a brochure or news article. Photos of people enjoying these events and locations in downtown Indy will connect with me.
  • Dè thachair an t-seachdain sa chaidh? Dè mu dheidhinn ath-aithris mhòr air tachartas no gnìomhachas a bhrosnaich thu air a ’phost-d le beachdan bho na leughadairean mu cho fìor mhath sa bha iad. Dèan pearsanta e!

My point isn't to slam this email. As I said, it's packed with great information… perhaps too much! It's evident that the folks that wrote the copy did their homework – it just needs better presentation so that readers can consume and act on it.

iongantach ùr

aon beachd ann

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